Can the Relish App Help You Maintain a Healthy Relationship?

Can an App Help You Maintain a Healthy Relationship?

Can an App Help You Maintain a Healthy Relationship?

Healthy relationships allow people to grow and to thrive. Unhealthy relationships result in constant stress and a feeling of being stuck. Here are a few ways you can assess your relationship health with that special person in your life.

Feeling Seen & Heard

In a healthy relationship, you feel seen, and your ideas are heard. You’re not just a “sidekick.” You are an active member of a meaningful partnership.

Feeling Loved

Feeling “loved” is a very personal experience that is based on events in your past, your expectations about relationships and your deepest psychological needs. When you feel loved in a relationship, these issues feel fulfilled, and you can enjoy the intimacy.

Sexual Satisfaction

A satisfying sexual relationship is important. You should be able to communicate your needs to your partner and should be able to listen to the other person’s needs, in order for all parties to feel fulfilled.

A Matter of Trust

Being able to trust your partner is one of the most basic aspects of relationship health. When you have trust, you know your partner will hold up their end and won’t engage in behaviors that disrupt the security of the relationship.

It’s Okay To Be Vulnerable

Being honest to another person about your shortcomings and vulnerabilities can be a scary business. If you feel free to reveal your true self, with all the warts and pratfalls, you have a healthy relationship that allows you to show your faults while you grow into a better person.

It’s Okay To Disagree

No couple agrees on every issue, and that should okay in the relationship. A few critical issues may need some compromise, but you should be able to hold your own opinion, as well as allow your partner to hold theirs.

Valuing Your Partner’s Opinion

If you look to your partner for advice and help, it’s probably because you value their opinion and understanding. The matter may be large or small, but having that valuable outside viewpoint enriches your life and helps you navigate the world.

Enjoying Spending Time With Your Partner

If you look forward to the end of the day and just spending quiet time with your partner, it’s a sign of a relationship that is rich and satisfying. Simply sharing thoughts of the day, cooking together and watching favorite shows can provide meaningful time together.

You Learn New Things About Your Partner

If you find your partner continually surprises you with their ideas and tastes, it’s a sign that the relationship is able to refresh itself.

Looking Forward To the Future

Finally, you should look forward to the future with your partner, with plenty of plans, good times and a sense of optimism. You should feel you are with a reasonable partner with whom you can work to actualize your dreams.

Let Relish Relationship App Help Your Relationship Goals

The Relish app puts you in touch with life coaches that can provide science-based information for helping couples to maximize their intimacy and communication. They can help you solve common problems and enjoy greater satisfaction in your relationship.