Finding the Right Cashmere Cardigan

Cardigans are more than just a fashion statement, they’re something the wearer purchases to keep their sides and arms warm during the winter frost. Being in a good cardigan is like being snuggled up to a nice, burning fire. Quality cardigans are soft on the skin and keep us warm for months on end. The winter season’s going to come with a lot of snow, hail, and cold rain. To combat the weather, we’re going to need more than a quiet reserve to endure what the season throws at us. 

Making that trip to the store to purchase cardigans can bring forth hours of entertainment. It’s fun to dive through a pile of them on a shelf to find that size that’s exactly right. While the wearer may not get all of that going to the store excitement when purchasing one online, they get the added convenience of having them shipped right to their door in a matter of days. Quinn is a one stop shop this holiday season with all the cardigans and sweaters they have in stock. They’re sitting there and waiting to be wrapped up and put under the Christmas tree. Quinn only delivers quality and what’s in that package will last for a season on end. 

100% Real Cashmere 

It isn’t time to sacrifice quality this holiday season. Having something that’s actually real under the Christmas tree will mean a bigger smile from the person getting it than what was had last year when what lay under the Christmas tree was made of polyester. Real cashmere has that soft look that attracts the eye and leads to compliments. It feels soft and warm on the skin of the wearer. A cashmere cardigan may need dry cleaning. While there’s an added benefit to having one thrown in the wash at home, there’s nothing more pleasant than feeling a quality cardigan against the skin. 

Cashmere has been around since the 13th century. It’s been cultivated by farmers from goats native to India. It got its name from a city there called Kashmir. Quinn only uses the finest cashmere when making its products. While a goat might be a coat shorter, the wearer will certainly enjoy being a cardigan richer. Cashmere is expensive to cultivate. That’s why there’s a bit of a price tag on cashmere goods. Quinn tries to bring the price tag down and makes it realistic for every shopper to afford to have a real cashmere cardigan

So Many Different Varieties

There’s a cardigan for everyone located somewhere on Quinn’s sight. Whether the wearer wants one that glides past their thighs and is more of a cloak or wants a smaller one that buttons up, they’ll be able to find it there. Button up cardigans are extremely useful when the wearer is going to and from cold to warm temperatures. It allows the wearer to leave it unbuttoned in a warmer setting like inside their house and leave it buttoned in a setting that’s colder like outside in the snow.  

Some of the cardigans come with pockets. The Sharleen Cozy Cardigan is a great example of one. It comes in at around $278. This cardigan will grace past the wearer’s back for extra warmth. It comes with deep pockets that can be used to contain any number of different things. A lot of people like to put their cell phones in there. It has room for their favorite device along with anything else they’d like to carry. 

Those who are fans of buttons may want to buy the Colleen Eight-Button cashmere cardigan. This cardigan is easy to roll up just in case the wearer would like to keep their forearms bare. The eight-button design is absolutely adorable. It has a sweet look that’s quite youthful. It comes in sixteen different varieties of color. The cardigan looks great tucked into jeans, as seen on the model. Most people prefer to use it as a sweater and leave it buttoned, but the wearer can get that classic cardigan look by leaving it unbuttoned. It’s a lightweight option that delights both young and old.  

Is it time to get your cashmere cardigan? 

Take a look at Quinn and pick from one of their many quality, 100% cashmere cardigan options. It’s time to take a step back from polyester and invest in something that’ll stay nice for a lifetime. No one wants to see something that’s made of synthetic material under the tree this year. Quinn promises a product that’s real. Investing in real cashmere means a better look and a softer feel on the skin. There are so many different cardigans to choose from. All of them come in a number of different colors for the wearer to select from. Get something she actually wants for Christmas this year!