Meet The Viral “Thank You, Coronavirus” Poem Writer Making Headlines

The covid-19 period was a time of despair, fear, and anxiety. Most news channels and online platforms spread fear as we witnessed businesses shut down, massive deaths, unemployment, and lockdowns. The atmosphere was heavy with negative energy. As such, it was a surprise to hear anyone with anything positive say after such an experience. Yet Riya Sokol chose to be the light in a dark room.

Riya is the author of the viral video “Thank you coronavirus.” The video surrounded the whole world and was translated into dozens of languages worldwide, and was awarded several international awards. Read on to learn about Riya.

A bit of Bio

Riya was traveling the world to teach people tantra and abundance when the pandemic started and she moved her business online. At first, she thought it was impossible to teach through the computer, but as her life showed her thousands of times- everything can become possible with a proper mindset.  Now, creating online programs, she guides people to remodel different areas of their lives reminding people about pleasure and bringing abundance beyond their wildest dreams. After working with her people start consciously manifesting whatever they wish. She calls it “chosen and radical creation” as we get to choose what we create and we do it 24/7. So as she says: “there is no vacation from creation. Meaning- no resting in unwanted thoughts. All of them must be consciously chosen.”. Riya was in show business from the age of six. She was traveling around the world to sing and dance. Yet she was an oversensitive child, and exposure to such a world was tough on her. She was curious about what was happening inside of her and why she can create the life of her dreams while simultaneously experiencing anxiety, she wanted to know, who decides what her life and mood look like. She also says she always knew she was a leader type: “I always knew that my voice had a huge impact on people, so I wanted to use it wisely.”

Riya started exploring human subconsciousness. In 2004, she delved deeper into meditation and things to do with self-development and self-growth. Simultaneously she led her life as a celebrity singers. She went through the experiences that most celebrities go through, always on tabloids and people criticized her about things like her breasts. When she was diagnosed with depression, Riya decided to leave show business and dedicate her life to digging deeper into a reality that cannot be seen with the eye, a reality of energy and spirituality. After some time of practicing laws of manifestation,  she felt, she recorded how our subconscious can be navigated and since then she passes that knowledge to her audience, who is satisfied with instant results just from listening and being around Riya. . 

The idea behind the poem

Riya states that the poem she wrote is a piece of art that shows one perspective from the many. She asks, “What do we gain by being depressed? Will we help our children? Will we help the poor? No, we can help with bringing more depth and joy, and fun. This is what lights up the world. ” Riya likes to trick reality as if she is playing chess. She says what we see is the past that’s already been created so reacting to it is like reacting to a movie that’s been already made and trying to change it- whilst the whole crew is already on a different set. What we need to do is create what we want to see in the next scene. She wanted to see a better world after the pandemic. People find deeper meaning and sense in their lives. So she affirmed it in the video. So it happened.

Riya’s expressions are a testament to her ability to remodel the paradigms of life. She teaches others this tactic so that they can fall in love with themselves and their lives.