How Magic Can Help You Find Fulfilment and Wellbeing

We live in a materialistic world where we’re bombarded with endless commodities. The world as we know it has defined us in a way that we spend most of our time seeking money to buy stuff. We are convinced that these commodities will bring happiness and fulfillment. But when we ask those who’ve had it all, we realize that that’s not the case.

So how can we truly find fulfillment and happiness? The kind that lasts?

According to Cat Howell, magic and alchemy offer solutions to finding lasting fulfillment and happiness. Cat is a world-renowned thought leader in magic and alchemy. She understands the pursuit of fulfillment and happiness as she once experienced the same desire. Like most people, she once believed that the best way to find fulfillment and happiness is by working hard and earning a lot of money. Cat was running multiple eight-figure businesses and had everything she wanted in life. But she struggled with depression and unfulfillment.

In 2022 Cat had a mental breakdown. This experience motivated her to abandon the corporate world in favor of the mysterious world of magic and alchemy.

Today, she attributes her fulfillment and happiness to magic and alchemy. She states that she underwent a significant transformation that allowed her to connect with her creative core, redefine her reality, and manifest her desires without sacrifice.

Helping others find fulfillment

Cat has dedicated her life to using magic and alchemy to help others. She currently runs a coven similar to a mastermind, community, incubation, or support network. The Coven is where founders and visionaries discover tools and techniques to help them find freedom and fulfillment.

Cat also holds workshops. Workshops are popular as people attend them to learn a skill for self-improvement/development. The same principle applies to Cat’s workshops. Cat holds about four to five workshops annually. Each workshop is different as they cover different themes; for instance, the upcoming workshop is about resonance rituals. This workshop will cover principles to help you find creative freedom and fulfillment.

Cat states that anyone who wants to join the Coven has to go through the workshops first. After that, you can join a coven where you’ll engage with visionaries and founders who practice alchemy to redefine the rules of success in their lives.

Covens are powerful because they are a source of collective energy. The support from members and interaction exposes you to the power of group energy. This experience sets you on the path to finding your fulfillment and happiness.

Cat explains that magic is for those who dare to open their hearts to the empowering practice of self-discovery. If you’re ready to do what it takes to find fulfillment and happiness, Cat’s workshops are a great place to start.

Wrap Up

Cat is one of the visionaries changing the rhetoric around magic. Through her website, Flow Protocol podcast, and book ‘Magic Source Codes,’ she looks at magic and alchemy as helpful science. You can learn more about her work by checking her website. You can also check out her youtube.