How to protect yourself when your spouse is accused of sexual harassment

young couple having problems

There are a handful of nightmare scenarios no person wants to face with their partner. One category includes criminal allegations, which often place the other spouse in a difficult spot. Out of those criminal allegations, a sexual harassment charge is one of the more complicating difficulties for a partner to face if accused of such USA crime.

So, what would you do if your partner was on the receiving end of a sexual harassment claim? It’s essential that you protect yourself, your assets, and your family during this time. Here’s how you can make sure your world stays intact even when it feels as though it’s falling apart. 

Keep Your Anger at Bay

Allegations about infidelity are guaranteed to make you angry, and you have every right to be. However, acting out in anger comes with long-term consequences. Any act of physical violence will factor into a judge’s decision on child custody, for instance. 

That’s outside of the potential legal trouble that could ensue, which is especially prominent if you and your spouse are more in the public’s eye. If you’re worried about domestic violence, on the other hand, then it’s in your best interest to remove yourself from the situation. 

There are various types of attorneys that can help with your transition and press charges for any physical violence, such as a Riverside divorce attorney that can help. 

Dealing with Children

One of the more difficult aspects of these allegations is breaking the news to your kids. The best thing you can do is remain positive when speaking about your spouse. This shows a court that you’re a responsible parent, aiding in any custody battles likely to ensue. 

Protecting Yourself in Writing

Several states in the U.S. include marital debt in these allegations, which splits the debt from any lawsuit between partners. If you want to make sure you don’t take on any liability for your partner’s actions, then you need to draw up a marital agreement or “post-nup.”

Similar to a prenup, this document serves as a way to protect your finances and assets no matter what happens during the course of your marriage. It’s a difficult subject for most couples to broach, but it’s worth considering. 

While the suing party is talking with their workplace harassment attorney, rely on legal aid of your own to create the marital agreement with both parties present. This document will also protect you in a divorce, making it essential to this process. 

A marital agreement doesn’t protect against everything, though. The only items left up for grabs in court are those held jointly. If a judge determines that the divorce is a way to defraud creditors, a sham, or a way to save your spouse’s assets, then a judge can overrule any agreement. 

Moving Forward

Finally, you’ll need to decide if a divorce is the path you want to take. It’s a difficult decision, but it may be in your best financial interest to separate yourself from your guilty spouse now before court proceedings begin. The choice, however, is ultimately up to you.