First secretary of treasury of the United States, Alexander Hamilton

fun fact: the first secretary of treasury of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, was a bit of a f*ckboy. Before meeting his wife Eliza, he was thought to be f-ing her best friend. After Alexander and Eliza married, Alexander was thought to be having affairs with Eliza’s sister, Angelica, along with a confirmed affair with Maria Reynolds, the wife of James Reynolds. But also, surprisingly, was that Angelica got around too. She sent letters to many of the founding fathers asking for “favors”.

omg!! i knew about his thing with maria and angelica but not eliza’s best friend!! and i didn’t know angelica was that spicy too!!! thank u!!!


To test the encoding specificity principle (which basically says, to remember things best you need to be in the same place emotionally and physically when you recall them as where you learned them in the first place), a fella called Goodwin was like ‘I know how I can test state-dependant forgetting! get people drunk!’

He got a load of participants and had them learn a list of words absolutely smashed, the next day they either stayed sober and tried to recall them or got smashed again(morning drinking=science). the guys who recalled the word lists drunk did better at remembering than the sober people!

the lesson from this? you study for finals drunk, you take your final drunk. trust me, im a pscienchologist.