Idk a lot abt history but I still wanna learn something about psychology if that’s ok

You know what, anyone in pursuit of knowledge is welcome here.


Our fella Milgram did an experiment in 1966 where he got a bunch of men to come into a lab for what they thought was a learning experiment. He told the participants that they had to deliver an electric shock to another PP (whom’st they didns’t know was actually a confederate, he was in on it) whenever that PP got an answer wrong.

These shocks started at 15volts, going up in 15v increments all the way to 450 volts. That’s right- 450 Volts. That’s deadly.

Of course the shocks weren’t real, but the PPs didn’t know this. You wanna know how many of these average-ass participants were willing to deliver what they thought was a DEADLY F-ING SHOCK?

60% did. These guys went all the way to 450 even after they heard screams.

100% went to 350 and only 5% stopped there, so even if they didn’t all go to definite-death-shock; they all were willing to permanent maim someone they didn’t know.

This is because of the agency principle, they didn’t feel personally responsible for their actions and so did this all without guilt. Basically, us humans are all capable of evil once we fear no consequence.