A lot of people think women removing body hair started at the onset of WWII, but women have been removing hair for practically ever. In many middle eastern countries, women removed all hair except for their eyebrows whereas Elizabethan women only removed their eyebrows. Tudor women removed hair using quick lime and Ancient Rome man women remove hair everywhere but on top of their heads. Egyptians used flint as razors and beeswax and fabric to wax themselves (sorry if not interesting)

dude that is interesting!!!! never knew any of this!!!


Zimmerman and West wanted to look into Lakoff’s claims that women basically use fundamentally weak language (they mitigate, apologise, use empty adjectives, get interrupted, etc) so they observed male/female conversations and found that men interrupt 96% more than women. 

Leet-Pelligrini also looked at this with male/female conversations on specialist subjects and even when the woman was the one with the specialist knowledge in the given topic, men STILL spoke and interrupted more.