Olive oil in ancient Greece was very popular due to the fact they used it as a lubricant for gay sex


speaking of sex, have a PSYCHOLOGY FACT!

According to our man Darwin (who was massively antisemitic so we hate him but still he is relevant to my point) we as humans have evolved certain traits that have LITERALLY NO ADVANTAGE TO US OTHER THAN TO GET US LAID.

Like, think of a peacock’s tail: it doesn’t help them survive. If anything, it makes them more visible to predators BUT it also makes them more visible to the laddeeeezzzz. (someone please draw a picture of a sexy peacock and send it to my so i can put it here)

An example of this in humans is creative ability. Our main men Nettle and Clegg found that men in creative professions that involve creating art or music have on average more sexual partners than non-creatives.

Drawing a nice picture isn’t gonna stop us from getting stabbed, but it will help us get laid beforehand and isn’t that really what life is all about?