Linguistics Time

Fun fact for the knowledge exchange!

Fun fact for the knowledge exchange! Some cool linguistic knowledge would be a great trade? A giraffes tongue ranges from blue to purple in colour, and is long enough to lick inside its own ear.

daaaaaaaamn imagine licking ur own ear that’d be gross


U wanna know why kids are so rude? like they never say please or thank you and they think that the whole word revolves around them. that’s because as far as they’re concerned, it does! let’s do some fuccin

L A N G U A G E   A C Q U I S I T I O N

Our dude Piaget was a developmental psychologist and he identified stages of development (that I won’t bore you with, that’s an overlap into psych) which dictate that a child is completely selfish until about the age of 7-11. Only at this age do they move out of an ‘egocentric’ state of mind.

In fact, Nelson (1973) found that only 8% of words that children use on average are social words such as hello, please and thank you. This is because the kid just doesn’t care about you, they barely consider you on the same level as them!

Some people never seem to move out of this stage…yikes!