The Impact of Infertility on a Marriage

cells during ivf

Infertility causes an intense amount of emotional stress on the individual affected by it, but it can also have a drastic impact on your marriage. Unsuccessful attempts at conception can lead to conflict and tension amongst partners. However, learning to live with infertility can also bring couples closer together. Here is the impact of infertility on a marriage. 

Impact on Intimacy

When couples first whisper, “Let’s make a baby,” it ignites their passion. After month’s of trying with no success, however, the idea of making a baby is one that causes stress and tension in a relationship. Add in the stresses of timing intercourse based on fertility, and it can be enough to ruin a marriage’s bedroom fun altogether. 

Intimacy allows couples to feel closer to one another. When this aspect of the relationship turns sour, partners often find themselves at odds as arguments ensue. Compounding stress and a lack of intimacy can also affect other areas of your life. 

Not Knowing When to Seek Help

It isn’t always easy to identify infertility, leaving couples to try for months or even years in vain. When the idea of seeking help comes up, couples often disagree on the timing. So, how do you know when IVF is an option

The rule of thumb is to see your doctor after trying to conceive unsuccessfully for one year. That length of time is shortened to six months if you’re over the age of 35. Your doctor can help you identify any symptoms and risk factors of infertility, as well as recommend an IVF professional. 

Fear of Fault

Before the idea of help arrives, couples often question their individual abilities to have children. Both men and women wonder, “Am I the problem?” Most people also worry that their partner might leave them if they’re infertile. 

It’s essential that you remember no one is at fault here. People don’t choose to be infertile, after all. While this might change how the two of you can become parents, it doesn’t change your ability to have a baby together. 

Financial Strain

One of the most impactful factors of infertility, when couples opt for IVF, is financial strain. Between co-pays, treatments, and tests, your bills are going to skyrocket. This is especially true when treatments aren’t covered by your insurance. 

These financial burdens often lead to arguments as the stress of these bills compounds. Financial arguments are one of the top reasons why marriages come to an end, infertility or otherwise, but you should save discussing divorce as a last resort

While all of these impacts can cause a rift between you and your partner, working through this process together can strengthen your relationship. Infertility can bring couples closer by helping them better understand one another, making them more accepting of each other, and showing that they are devoted to this marriage. It can be rough, but the end result can also be an even happier lifetime together.