During the dust bowl people had to sew clothes out of flour sacks, when the flour companies heard about this they started making their bags bright colours so they’d look more attractive

no way omg that’s really cool?!?!!?


U ever wonder why parents talk to their kids using nouns and not pronouns? I like “hold on, mummy is making a cup of tea!” instead of “hold on, I’m making a cup of tea!” Surprise surprise, this is because kids are dumb!

It’s been shown that if you use pronoun ‘I’ with children in the early stages of language acquisition, they won’t understand that you’re talking about YOURSELF not THEM.

This is because they are only familiar with using the pronoun ‘I’ in a first personcontext, so to them any use of ‘I’ means themselves, it’s just interchangeable with their name. Wow, stupid!

Basically you have to wait quite a while before you can actually talk to your kid like a normal person, they have to reach stage 3 of Bellugi’s pronoun acquisition sequence, and our gal Bellugi didn’t even specify how long this takes. Thanks, Ursula- that’s super helpful.

Moral of the story, there is actually a reason that parents talk to their kids using nouns all the time and it’s because kids are thick as hell.