Only 6% of salt is used on food

Only 6% of salt is used on food, the rest is used for defrosting roads and keeping stuff winterized!

shit dude only 6%??? that’s actually kind of mental!

Salt not only is tasty but functional too!


Let’s have some biopsychology, subsection N E U R O C H E M I S T R Y!

You know that myth about how we only use like 50% of our brains? Big ol’ myth. Not true. Let’s have a lil condensed look at functional recovery tho.

It is true that there are certain parts of your brain that aren’t always active, HOWEVER, if you were to suffer traumatic brain injury, these bits can take over the function of the damaged part of your brain by way of neuronal unmasking!

The neurons are redirected around the damaged area and can stimulate the dormant area enough that is is activated and thus can take on functions and send fixing proteins to the damaged part of the brain to help heal it.

So yeah, parts of our brain are dormant until needed but definitely not like 50% that we just choose not to use- that’s bull.